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From bicycle touring to backpacking, watercolour painting to clay modelling, the exploration journal captures my journey through many different interests and travel adventures.

I’m passionate about finding those out of the way places that whisk you away from the concerns of everyday life. Whether this is by wading through an overgrown river or trying new paint techniques is up to you!

The King’s Road through Finland

The King’s Road through Finland

The Finnish section of the holiday was short, only spending four nights in the country. We cycled from Turku to Helsinki along the King’s Road, a section of the old major postal route that linked up Norway to Russia in the 14th century.

It was 150 miles of mostly forest and wilderness. We were close to the sea but rarely saw it as the forest surrounded us and blocked the view.

The Finnish supermarkets sell beetroot and gherkins in giant tubs. The beetroot was really good, but the gherkins were soft and not so enjoyable.

After three days cycling we arrived in Helsinki, and not wanting to be stuck overnight in the city went straight to the ferry office. We bought a ticket for the catamaran to Tallinn, costing €70. It was departing in 30 minutes so we rushed to see the two fancy buildings we had spotted on the cycle in. The first one was Helsinki’s magnificent white cathedral.

The second building was Uspenski Cathedral. I can’t think of anywhere else I’ve visited that has two impressive cathedrals so close together. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to get a good look at either and rushed back to the ferry terminal with minutes to spare.

We arrived in Estonia at 5pm and had a quick look around before heading out of the city to look for somewhere to camp.

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