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My name is Will.

Every year I research different places to go and my ‘I should go here’ list gets longer. I add it and then start thinking of the best way of getting around when there, be it cycling, backpacking or vehicular.

The Exploration Journal is my way to document my travels to these places and my development as a photographer.

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Eurovelo 6 in Croatia

My first impression of Croatia was ‘wow, that’s a lot of bullet holes’. The Croatian war of independence was fought from 1990 – 1995 and the Croatian/Serbian border was a massive war zone. The scars from the war are still ….

Cycling through Transylvania

When reading about Eurovelo 6 I found that the Romanian section of Eurovelo 6 is often described as “boring”, “arduous” or “repetitive”. So I investigated other options and decided that instead we would meander our way through the Carpathian mountains ….

Up the Aspe Valley

The holiday started with flying from Bristol to Toulouse on the 21st June. I arrived to find in typical French fashion that the train service up into the Pyrenees was on strike. The issue was quickly resolved by booking a ….

Gran Canaria: Hiking in Mogán

When people said ‘Tenerife’ or ‘Gran Canaria’ to me in the past, I’ve thought of towering hotel blocks packed to the brim with sunburned tourists who bake themselves on the beach all day. I’ve now come to the realisation that ….