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My name is Will.

Every year I research different places to go and my ‘I should go here’ list gets longer. I add it and then start thinking of the best way of getting around when there, be it cycling, backpacking or vehicular.

The Exploration Journal is my way to document my travels to these places and my development as a photographer.

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Nature Reserve Spotlight: Hampton Wood

Hampton wood was the first Warwickshire Nature Reserve I cycled to and is one of my favourites. It has over 25 species of butterfly and a mix of different environments which range from woodland to riverside to meadows, and the reserve is only 12 hectares!

Unfortuantely the only time I’ve visisted so far is in Summer, so the other seasons are empty.

Winter (Late December to early March)


Spring (late March to early June)


Summer (late June to early August)

Hampton comes to life in Summer. There is a huge abundance of damselflies along the river meadows and reportedly Kingfishers have been spotted, though I have yet to spot one. A word of warning, the meadow is overflowing with pollen over the summer and gets rapidly gets unpleasant if you get hayfever.

Hampton meadow
Hampton meadow


Autumn (late August to early December)


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