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Nature Reserve Spotlight: Brandon Marsh

The Warwickshire Wildlife Trust flagship nature reserve is Brandon Marsh, its 220 acres of large, woodland and meadows. In the winter you have wintering birds on the pool, spring welcomes hundreds of froglets and the return of the song birds. In summer it is overrun with birds, dragonflies, butterflies and the occasional grass snake or lizzard. And autumn brings an abundance of mushrooms and blackberries.

It’s popularity means that the birds are used to human contact and many are happy to come close, especially the always friendly Robins.

Winter (Late December to early March)


Spring (late March to early June)


Summer (late June to early August)

Summer is one of the best times to visit Brandon Marsh. There are around eight pools in the nature reserve with multiple hides looking onto it. The birds flock to these pools and you can spot a multitude of species.


Autumn (late August to early December)


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