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From bicycle touring to backpacking, watercolour painting to clay modelling, the exploration journal captures my journey through many different interests and travel adventures.

I’m passionate about finding those out of the way places that whisk you away from the concerns of everyday life. Whether this is by wading through an overgrown river or trying new paint techniques is up to you!

Tag: Dartmoor

The route to Venford Falls, Devon

After spending my Saturday clambering on top of Dartmoor to reach Sandy Hole Pass and the beautiful East Dart Waterfall, the weather caused me to drop down off the high moor and after a quick review of the map I decided to pursue my second Dartmoor waterfall of the weekend – Venford Falls. This walk is recommended in autumn when…

East Dart Waterfall

The first waterfall in my new blog series ‘Waterfalls of Cornwall and Devon’ is East Dart Waterfall, or as I prefer to call it, Sandy Hole Waterfall. It’s less than half a mile downriver from Sandy Hole Pass and I’ve always visited both at the same time and so grouped them together. Last weekend I decided to undertake my first…

The Mystery of Star Jelly

If you have ever wandered across the moors, through fields or over woodland you have probably come across this mysterious substance. You may immediately have chosen not to think of where it came from, but ignore your imagination and read on… You will be surprised to hear that it has baffled people for centuries.  Records date back to the 14th…