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About the Author

From bicycle touring to backpacking, watercolour painting to clay modelling, the exploration journal captures my journey through many different interests and travel adventures.

I love to find those out of the way places that whisk you away from the concerns of everyday life. Whether this is by wading through an overgrown river or trying new paint techniques is up to you!

Long Distance Routes

Please note: by downloading any of these route files you agree that: (1) walking can be dangerous and this GPS data is provided without any warranty and I absolve the Exploration Journal for any liability. You acknowledge that routes can change and these files are a snapshot in time, and will follow them with due caution and awareness of your surroundings.

A couple of other points:

  • These are KML or KMZ files, I have used an app called Maps.Me for many years to follow GPS routes and mark where I have been, camped and points of interest. As a route following tool it is excellent, as an wilderness map it is not. I like to carry an OS Map (or local equivilent) as well if possible.
  • The files only show the route, none of my personal campspots as I believe sharing those will spoil the fun of finding your own wild camping spot.
  • Some show alternative routes (in blue), or other trails which cross over the main one and could be explored.
  • Due to limitations of my site, these routes are provided in zip format, so will need extracting before use.
  • The best way to download Eurovelo cycling routes is direct from their website:, these are in GPS format but can be converted online.


Route: Scotland – West Highland Way (kmz)

Description: Shows the route from Glasgow to Fort William in Scotland (95 miles)

Route: England – Download: Pennine Way (kmz)

Route: England – SW Coast Path (kmz)

Route: Wales – Glyndwrs Way (kmz)


Route: Portugal – Download: Portugal – GR50

Description: Includes GR34 (Trilho Da Serra Amarela) and PR9 (Sete Lagoas)


Route: Turkey – St Paul’s Way

Description: From near Antalya to Yalvac. This one is slightly different and has three files: the main route, the original route provided by Ibrahim in Egirdir, and POIs that mark some water spots.

Route Gallery