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From bicycle touring to backpacking, watercolour painting to clay modelling, the exploration journal captures my journey through many different interests and travel adventures.

I love to find those out of the way places that whisk you away from the concerns of everyday life. Whether this is by wading through an overgrown river or trying new paint techniques is up to you!

Oh, the places you’ll go!

Way back in 2013 I decided to create a list of places I’d like to go and things I would like to see. These range from finding a Bunya pine cone to cyling the ring road of Iceland. An ever expanding list that isn’t getting ticked off as fast as I would like!



No. Added Item Country Date Completed
1 Forever  PUFFINS Any 18/05/19 – Bempton Cliffs
2 05.05.13 Persoid meteor shower -> (with NO light pollution)
3 01.03.15 Visit the Dolomites Italy
4 05.08.15 Famous classical piece (live orchestra)
5 23.11.16 Find a Bunya pine cone Australia
6 05.04.17 See the Ringling brothers (America) US Closed in 2017 🙁
7 05.04.17 Visit Peru Peru
8 19.04.17 Newfoundland iceberg alley Canada
9 20.04.17 Nervion River, Spain Spain
10 27.04.17 Millau viaduct, France France
11 29.06.17 Cycle Vancouver west coast
12 15.06.18 Write my book
13 10.09.18 Fiordland National Park New Zealand
14 16.12.18 Cycle Silk Road Asia
15 31.12.18 Cycle/visit Iceland Iceland
16 31.12.18 Walk Gr240 in Seirra Nevada Spain
17 12.02.19 Devils Bridge, Germany Germany
18 02.03.19 Escalante, Utah US
19 24.04.19 Photograph steam train in mountains.
I.e. Scotland (The Jacobite) or Wales (Blaenau Ffestiniog)
20 29.04.19 Albanian Alps Albania
21 29.04.19 Learn how to dive Any
22 29.05.19 Picos Spain
23 16.07.19 Tatra Mountains Poland
24 29.09.19 Vermont in Autumn US
25 21.11.19 Photograph Chichester Roman Road in autumn UK
26 02.01.20 Backpack Via Dinarica
27 21.03.23 Complete Cape Wrath trail UK
28 21.03.23 Complete West Highland Way UK
29 21.03.23 Bird watching in India India
30 30.03.23 Complete South West Coastal Path UK
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