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My name is Will.

Every year I research different places to go and my ‘I should go here’ list gets longer. I add it and then start thinking of the best way of getting around when there, be it cycling, backpacking or vehicular.

The Exploration Journal is my way to document my travels to these places and my development as a photographer.

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Category: Nature

The Mystery of Star Jelly

If you have ever wandered across the moors, through fields or over woodland you have probably come across this mysterious substance. You may immediately have chosen not to think of where it came from, but ignore your imagination and read ….

Effect of camera flash on subjects

I first realised that using my camera’s flash on close-up subjects had a nice result two years ago when photographing Coral Fungus, before then I had never really used it. I even scoffed at it as I had never taken ….