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My name is Will.

Every year I research different places to go and my ‘I should go here’ list gets longer. I add it and then start thinking of the best way of getting around when there, be it cycling, backpacking or vehicular.

The Exploration Journal is my way to document my travels to these places and my development as a photographer.

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Category: Clay Modelling

A second foray into clay modelling

The previous clay modelling post in May: Modelling with Garden Clay. I once again visited family in Hampshire, and this time took extra care when digging the hole for clay. In my previous attempt I contaminated the clay with soil ….

Modelling with Garden Clay

Way back, when I was younger and lived in Cornwall, my brother and I used to go down to the bottom of the garden and dig up the clay we found there. We used to make clay balls for throwing ….