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My name is Will.

Every year I research different places to go and my ‘I should go here’ list gets longer. I add it and then start thinking of the best way of getting around when there, be it cycling, backpacking or vehicular.

The Exploration Journal is my way to document my travels to these places and my development as a photographer.

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Out of the cave v2

Digital art of the inside of a cave, and a medieval landscape beyond, the sun is setting over mountains.

In 2015 I drew ‘Out of the Cave‘, which is a digital painting from the perspective of someone looking out of a dark cave towards an ancient landscape with a fort and village. I never liked how the landscape looked and so in December 2018 I decided to redo the background. It took me about a year of on/off painting but I’ve finally got it to the stage where I’m happy posting it here.



I did away with the fort and village detail, and decided the emphasise the colours of the sunset to contrast with the darkness of the cave. My painting skill has also developed hugely so the mountains are a lot better and more realistic instead of looking like pointy piles of ash.

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